Glass Door Hardware

We sell, supply, install and repair a wide variety of glass entrance hardware from manufacturers such as CRLaurence, Dorma, and Blumcraft.  Glass entrance doors can be configured with rails or patch fittings at the bottom and/or top of the door.  There are numerous types of locking devices from deadbolt locks and lever handle latches to custom panic devices.  Door closers can be floor mounted or concealed overhead.   Standard and custom push/pull handles and fittings are available in a wide array of styles.  An almost limitless variety of hardware options are also available. Below are a few of our most commonly installed hardware options. 


You can also look at our Glass Entrances Gallery for possible ideas for your next project.


10-Rail 4 Door Rail 4 tapered door rail Blumcraft panic
10" Rail 4" Rail 4" Tapered Rail Blumcraft Panic
Bottom Pivot Center Latch Channel Cylinder
Bottom Pivot Center Plate Lever Channel Cylinder
Dust Strike Floor Lock Header Patch Lever
Dust Proof Strike Floor Lock Header Patch Lever
Patch Pivot Pull C Pull Ladder Type
Patch Fitting Bottom Pivot "C" Pull Ladder Type Pull
Pull Offset C Push Pull Top Arm Walking beam
Offset "C" Pull Push Pull Combo Top Arm Walking Beam